Windows 10 version 1903 Hidden Tricks 2019

Here is what you can do on the latest windows 10 last May 2019. But before trying to do the tips and tricks below, make sure you updated your windows 10 to version 1903 or higher. We added some tricks and hacks you usually didn’t and it is very useful. Let’s begin the list of the most useful tweaks we used.

  • Windows Sandbox – After you updated your Windows 10 to the latest version, which is 1903 or higher you will get this best feature bundled designed to test suspicious apps in an isolated environment and to avoid ruining the device. The feature uses hardware virtualization and the Microsoft Hypervisor technology to create a lightweight environment to install and run untrusted programs. One good thing about this is when you finish using the app, closing the session will delete everything automatically and your storage will get occupied much. note that Sandbox is only available for Windows 10 Pro users, and it requires to enable the feature manually using the Turn Windows Features On or Off on control panel.
  • Light mode theme / Dark mode theme – You probably used dark mode in Facebook Messenger or in GMAIL apps, Windows 10 version 1903 aka “May 2019 Update” also has this cool feature. The previous version has a dark theme already but not totally dark, an example is a background of folder. In the latest windows 10, when you enable the dark mode theme, all became dark including the folder. Using a dark theme will be lesser consumed of batter especially if you are using a laptop.
    The light mode theme also makes your windows 10 brighter which loved by some users. To enable the new theme, head to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Then select “Light”, “Dark”, or “Custom” from the dropdown menu under the “Choose your color” section.
  • WINDOWS logo key + v – We all often do copy-paste feature whenever we use our computers, Copying, and pasting comes with an advanced feature starting Windows 10 build 17666 or higher. Simply press Win+V and you will see all the clipboard history that makes it easier to paste.
    Not only that, but you can also pin items from the clipboard history you think using all the times. This Clipboard saved on the cloud which means you can access it to any PC with the same account and same build of Windows or higher.
    The maximum text size of the clipboard must be less than 100 kb and starting on Windows 10 build 18234 the image size limit is up to 4MB.
  • WINDOWS logo key + SHIFT + S – There is an advance way to take a screenshot on your Windows 10, Previously, you might use a PrtSc button then paste it o Paint, or you might use a snipping tool to snap on your screen. But there’s a built-in tool also in the latest windows 10 by just pressing WIN + Shift + S to take a screenshot and instantly added to clipboard.
  • WINDOWS logo key + # – One useful keyboard shortcut also is by pressing WIN + 1 to open the first pin on your taskbar, WIN + 2 for a second, and so on. Using this keyboard shortcut helps you to access the pin apps or docs without using a mouse, this is useful especially if you are using widescreen or laptop without a mouse.
  • WINDOWS logo key + ; – This features of windows 10 allows you to easily open the available emoji. Yes, you can now access emoji without searching on the internet and pasting on. 😊 simply press WIN + ; or WIN + >.
  • Use Google DNS – Do you want to increase the resolving of internet issues on your computer network? Use Google DNS. Instead of using your ISP DNS, Using as Primary DNS and as secondary will increase the resolving of connection error. This is useful especially if you are from the Philippines.

If you have a useful hidden trick in windows 10, please share it with us by adding on comment below. 👍

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